Investors have a purchase rehab option.

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Wells Fargo investor rehab product can be used to allow up to 90% for non-owner occupied properties.




Can be used by investors

Conventional financing (less strict than government loans)

Can combine the purchase and renovation or current liability and renovation into one loan.

Required investment based off total cost (acquisition/balance + rehab)

20% down for 1 unit

25% down for 2-4 units

Can be used on high-rise condos (203k's can't)

Loan sizes up to the conforming limits for your area

Can be used to close on homes deemed "non-financeable"

Cash-out Investor Rehab loans allowed (with appropriate seasoning*)

Rates 1-1.5% above current market as opposed to hard money lending

Only six months PITI reserves required on subject property

Can fund in all fifty states



A few examples of projects that would be ok:

1) $50,000 cash purchase and a rehab for $150,000 immediately after on a four unit.  We would use the equity from the cash as the required investment and the rest would be financed.

2) $10,000 purchase with $140,000 in rehab on a condo (30k down required @ 20%)

3) Free and clear property where renovations already began but funds were running low.  Cash-out can recoup initial costs and still take funds out to renovate.


Now is the time to get these deals financed.


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