Special offer

Things are so interesting!

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Plus

OK, so last weekend I had offers on 2 listings, and wrote an offer for a buyer client. This weekend, no one at the open house on Sunday and no calls in the past 10 days on a new listing at an affordable price point of $160,000.

And why do some homes get lots of calls and showings but no offers and others no calls at all. We used to say, the answer is the same - overpriced! But I don't think that's the case anymore. It seems now patience is a virute and you have to advise sellers they just have to wait for the buyer to step up to the plate. There are just fewer of them and unless selling is an absolute MUST, they need to hang in there.

I have a listing - really beautiful, priced aggressively - 3 weeks ago an offer came in 13% under asking and last week same home received an offer 2.5% under asking from a stronger buyer. Both offers written by other agents @ different companies.

I think sincere buyers want to buy and will still pay a fair price for a good home. The others are just trying to steal a home they really cannot afford.

Well, back to my listings . . . have to figure out how to get these sold.