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Filing a Insurance Claim! How to MAXIMIZE YOUR CLAIM CHECK!

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Filing a Insurance Claim! How to MAXIMIZE YOUR CLAIM CHECK!

Hello Columbus, OH Homeowners!,

Fred Baisden here coming at you from Columbus, OH area!

Today's topic, how to properly file an Insurance Claim that will

Firstly, when you file a claim make sure that you have a contractor come out and assess your damage to your property and always, always make sure your insurance company is fully aware of possible power outages and SPOILED FOOD COSTS! The economy the way that it is and everything you will need to maximize your claim to the fullest!

Once your claim is filed, HAVE YOUR CONTRACTOR REPRESENT YOU on your claim. Laymen terms, make sure your contractor gets EVERYTHING that you agree upon paid for through your insurance company. make sure the Insurance agent is aware that you need to be present to discuss repair options. Unless you can be there, it is recommended that you reschedule the adjustment meeting to a later date to ensure that you receive a MAXIMUM CLAIM SETTLEMENT CHECK!

Lastly, everybody reading this Blog, please be advised that if you aren't satisfied with your claim check,

DO NOT CASH IT! DO NOT DEPOSIT IT! Just hold onto it and wait for your contractor to do his/her job of SUPPLEMENTING FOR MORE MONEY, if necessary! Once the check is cashed, most Insurance Companies consider your claim that you filed, closed and CANNOT BE REOPENED! Be careful about your claim service.

We at Burgess&Vest; Roofing and Home Restoration Company are professionals in the arena of Home Restoration Services and offer a no cost property inspection and written pre-storm estimate to accelerate your whole claims process! No charge to your wallet!

If we don't approve you based on our Inspected damage, we didn't EARN YOUR BUSINESS! PERIOD!

Until Next Time, Columbus, Grove City, OH Areas that are needing restorative repair!


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