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Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get to the correct contact people that deal with foreclosures within the Wells Fargo mortgage division.  I have had a listing for over a year.  We have had 4 offers, the last one being a full price offer that was suggested by Wells Fargo.  The mortgage insurer will not let it go into a short sale unless the seller agrees to a $20,000 personal guarantee.  The seller is unable to do this because they are going through a bankruptcy.  To make a long story short, I have been paying the advertising and utilities on this listing and would like to keep the listing and work the offers that I currently have on it once it goes back to Wells Fargo.  When I call  the Wells Fargo short sale line and the customer information line, no one knows where to direct me to.  I just want to keep this listing so I can see it to sale....HELP!!

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JaDon Marshall

1:  We have Wells Fargo Home Mortgage who notified me after the foreclosure .auction that the property was now in REO department hands. The retaliator rep for REO made a offer for cash for keys.  After a few days a letter came from a investment group to move out in 3 days or be sued.  How do I know who to believe?



If the bank makes a deal with the residents of the foreclosed home that they will give you a period of 60 days to vacate, and you sign a contract from Wells Fargo, and then they sell the property do they pass on any agreements that they made to the next owner.  As in the case of a rent or lease agreement still being valid from one owner to the next



Who is responsible to help the displaced family when you accept the cash 4 keys relocation assistance?

. The mortgage Company who foreclosed?

. Buyer who bought at auction?

.  Is it their money or grant reimbursement program

Feb 14, 2010 07:03 PM