How I Was Able to Sell My House in Dacula Georgia Fast, Even in this Poor Housing Market

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Everyone has heard the news on the current deteriorating state of the economy, the severe credit crisis and the declining housing market. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, other news outlets and even the President remind us of our pain daily. The peoples fears and perception have not become reality. Home foreclosures are at an all time high even in my neighborhood in Dacula Georgia with many more foreclosures likely to come. The unemployment rate in Georgia is growing daily and is the highest it has been in many years. Housing resale values are at all time lows with no end in sight. Even the banks are going bankrupt as are many Americans who no longer qualify for credit.

Because of the recent credit crisis, many people don't qualify for a new loan to buy a house right now, despite the incredibly low housing prices. Many home sellers can't sell their unwanted houses because they owe more than their house is worth because of the falling house prices. Many sellers can't even rent their houses our for enough to cover their mortgage payments, taxes and insurance resulting in severe negative cash flow that bleeds then dry month after month. To make matters worse, many tenants end up trashing the house when they move out making it even more difficult and expensive to sell. If they list their house with a real estate agent, their house will likely sit on the market for a long, long time waiting to sell since the buyers seem to have magically disappeared. Even if the house does finally sell one day at a greatly reduced price to get it sold, the owner has to pay a 6% real estate commission plus the majority of the closing costs. This often results in the seller writing a big, fat check at the closing table to finally get their house sold.

So what are my options to sell my Dacula Georgia house fast in this depressed economy and housing market when many folks can't get a loan? By trial and error, I discovered the following 3 alternatives to try to sell my Dacula home quickly...

  1. I tried to sell my house in Dacula "For Sale by Owner" aka "FSBO".

    At first, selling my house by myself sounded easy enough, but it soon became my worst nightmare. At first I didn't know how to attract buyers that might be interested in purchasing a home in Dacula Georgia. The for sale by owner sign in the yard wasn't working. I ended up spending a fortune placing classifieds in the local paper which resulted in few potential buyers. Those that did respond wanted to see my house at all different hours of the day or night. I was afraid to say no in fear of losing a potential buyer. I would have to keep my house clean and all picked up, only to have them not show up to see my house. Other times I had some pretty scary people show up with their 5 kids in tow, trampling through my home. I never did find my ideal buyer. Even if I did, I had no idea how to get them qualified, how to handle all the purchase and sale paperwork or how to get the house closed. I said "There has to be a better way to sell my home!" and I was determined to find it.

  2. I listed my house for sale with a local Dacula real estate agent.

    When I listed my house with a local Dacula Georgia real estate agent, I thought they were all the same and they would be able to sell my house quickly. I called an agent from a local, seemingly reputable, real estate agency and made an appointment to have an agent come out and see me. The agent sounded like she really knew what she was talking about and got me really excited about the prospect of selling my home quickly. She said she would list my house in the MLS, on dozens of real estate sites throughout Georgia, advertise my house in the local paper and other print publications, do multiple open houses, put out signs, balloons, flyers in an information box and went on and on about how she could sell my home and still get top dollar. How could I refuse? I didn't. I listed my house and waited, and waited and waited. The agent put the house in the MLS, put a sign in the yard along with a dozen flyers in the information box and disappeared never to be seen again. She not only refused to return my calls, but did no perceivable advertising, no open houses, no showings, no more flyers, no more nothing! Six months later I still had no buyers and apparently no agent. I ended up hiring 2 more agents with the same dismal results. Meanwhile my house in Dacula Georgia had not only decreased in value because it would not sell for the list price, which had been reduced repeatedly, but also because of all the other listed houses and foreclosures on the market in my area of Dacula. At this point, I was all out of ideas and praying for solution. About that time, someone at my church told me about

  3. I contacted a local, professional home buyer from Dacula Georgia.

    My friend from church told me that she had similar problems selling her Dacula house, but that she had contacted a local professional home buyer who bought her house in under a week! What? Is this possible? Could I sell my Dacula Georgia house in 7 days or less too? She said their are professional home buyers out there, also known as "real estate investors", who buy and sell real estate for investment purposes. You've probably seen their "We Buy Houses" advertisements around town but never gave them much thought. These are people who buy houses professionally and are always actively looking for more houses to buy. She gave me their phone number and web address (Toll free number: 888-765-3461, website: and I contacted them ASAP. A local Dacula home buyer from the called me and said that if my house qualified and if I was flexible on price or terms, that they may be able to buy my house in the next 7 days or less. They said depending on my situation that they may be able to pay all cash, pay some cash now and some cash later or take over your mortgage payments giving me immediate debt relief. At this point I was definitely flexible and had nothing to lose by scheduling an appointment for them to come see my home and possibly enable me to sell my Dacula Georgia house fast!

So I scheduled the appointment with the Dacula home buyer and he came out and inspected my home. He said it was just what they were looking for and that he had several buyers looking for a similar home. I was ecstatic! He made me several offers to buy my house as promised. I chose the offer that best suited my needs and we scheduled a closing the following week with a local real estate closing attorney. It was that fast and that simple to finally sell my house in Dacula! I still can't get over it. After waiting two years trying to sell my house on my own and through a licensed agent, I was able to sell my house in less than 7 days to a local professional home buying company!

If you have an unwanted Dacula Georgia house you need to sell fast, call 888-765-3461 toll free or visit and complete their online Seller Questionnaire for a FREE, no obligation consultation. You have nothing to lose by contacting them and everything to gain. I was able to sell my Dacula home fast and you can too!

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