Important phone guidelines to remember every day

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As I sit at my desk I hear everyone answering the phone differently, thus the reason for this blog.  It is important for everyone within an office to answer the phones in the same manner.

Here is an outline of what is important to say when answering the phone:

1. Introduction words: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Thank you for calling.  These words are key because often the person on the other line is not ready to listen when you first pick up and the first few words are missed by the caller.  Thus if you say your company name they will miss it completely!

2. Company name.  This is when you want to say what company you are.

3. Your name.

4. Guiding words: How may I help you, What can I do for you today.  These words allow the caller to know you are done talking so they may express the reason for their call.

Now let's put it all together!

Good Afternoon, Richard Realty & Auction, This is Julie Mallams, How may I help you today?

See so easy.  Now remeber the 4 steps to answering the telephone at work!

Happy Calling! :o)


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