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I would like to touch on Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Hello All,, Well its been months and months since I written anything. Sorry for that,

I would like to touch on Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

I have found more people are inquiring about them since the tragic deaths of a family with kids and a young college student here.

I have found many detectors located in the furnace areas of the home. That furnace doesn't care if it goes off. It will keep spewing CO into the home and cause death if not discovered in time. I ALWAYS tell my clients that they SHOULD have a CO detector and it be placed in their BEDROOM and a second one in the living/family room. You want it to wake you up or warn you that there is dangerous CO levels in the home. Sitting down in the furnace room of a 2 story, multi level and even a ranch style home you will probably NOT hear it and have the time to get out of the home safely.


I also HIGHLY recommend the NIGHTHAWK / Kiddie models. They have a GREAT track record. Are reasonably priced and readily available at most hardware stores and Walmart.

So for a modest cost, under $50, you could save a life, perhaps your own or that of your clients, remember you what their repeat business.

Go purchase one today and they make great giveaways for your clients.

Have a GREAT day and stay safe.

Rick, Your Friendly Home Inspector

Jon Wnoroski
America's 1st Choice RH Realty Co., Inc. - Green, OH
Summit County Realtor

Hi Rick - Thanks for the great advice.  People have become more aware of the need for carbon monoxide detectors due to unfortunate tragedies in almost every region.  I do recommend that my clients get one but after reading your post I will recommend that they have at least two in place.

Mar 03, 2009 04:08 AM
Tad Petersen / Home Inspector, Mpls
Safeguard Home Inspections, Inc. - Watertown, MN

Minnesota passed a law in August 08 that every home sold needs a CO detector within 10 feet of every sleeping room and it's the responsibility of the seller to have them installed.

Mar 05, 2009 05:08 AM