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Since I see to have a fetish with new cell phone techonology, and since I seem to be bound to stay with VZW forever it was time for me to get the Black Berry Storm.  I must say as far as form factor I couldn't be happier.  It is sleek, with a bright screen, and feels good in my hand.  The clickable screen at first is weird, but once you have played with it for about an hour it will seem like old hat, and actually make a lot of sense.

The phone ships with firmware .75 which is much more stable than the original release of .65.   However if you search the net you can find the OS updates that make the phone run almost like it should.  BB seems to be turning these out quite frequently and although not official they certainly help.  (Although technically you aren't supposed to put them on your phone as it may void your warranty, and the tech help wont support it if you call).   Note to self dont call tech support! 

With the updates the accelerometer works great!  The camera is much improved, and the battery life is really good. 

You'll have to trade in your ekey if you are using it on your palm as BB doesn't supprt the infrared but who care when you have such a sleek phone in your pocket.  If it is cold where you are, be aware that you won't be able to use the phone with a glove on.  It needs your finger to complete the circuit.

MMS, SMS, and email is fast, and for those coming from a pull device requiring setup like WinMo, the BB works immediately.  I was actually surprised at how well it worked.   I just typed in my godaddy email address, and password and away we went.  I didn't have to tell it what socket to look for or configure mail servers.

I miss not be able to bluetooth sync my device with my outlook but that is coming, and I guess it wouldn't hurt me to slow down and tether the thing up to sync.  

Oh yeah, it comes with an 8Gig memory card and works great as a MP3 player.  Just load up your playlist and go!

I wouldn't recommend this phone to someone that does not want to learn new technology and is used to a physical keyboard.  The touchscreen with the click seems to be fairly accurate but it does take some getting used to.  The current operating system (.75) is stable but not super fast and you may find yourself getting frustrated. 

I would recommend this phone to someone who is looking for a great convergence device. It is getting better with each OS leak and is shaping up to be really awesome. It is a great planner, email machine, and has a lot of stuff to play with now that there is a host of 3rd party apps, and themes.  If you are into new technology and fast learner and want a beautiful phone this one is for you.

It seems BB has another convert....Now WinMo will have to work hard to win me back.


John Douglas
Berkshire Hathaway HomServices Partners Realty - Bowling Green, KY


Nice post in explaning the operation of the Storm have treo now vzw is not offered in this

area understand some other carriers might be able to sell the strom this spring or summer

hate to depart with my ekey though. If the storm comes available here i probably will get

one thanks for the information.

Mar 02, 2009 11:54 AM
Tony Grego, 317-663-4173 #1 Trade Association for Alternative Inv
REISA - 317-663-4173 - Indianapolis, IN

Thanks for the heads up. I understand it is a very good phone. I am on ATT so I am sure you can just guess what phone I have. 3g Iphone


Mar 02, 2009 12:18 PM
Greg Russell
GE Security - Salem, OR


I wanted to let you know that we do support eKEY on the Storm, as well as on the Bold, Pearl, Pearl Flip, Curve and 8800 series.  While these devices do not have IR, we have designed an eKEY Fob, which translates bluetooth to IR.  This allows the BlackBerry to communicate with lockboxes.

You can see all the product details at

We also have created a web site that sells only eKEY Certified devices.  It is  great resource for those that might be interested in getting an eKEY and using their phone as a lockbox key.  It can be seen



Mar 02, 2009 10:53 PM