A Beautiful Snowy Day in Stafford, VA

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I just wanted to let everyone know that Stafford, VA had a winter wonderland and just a beautiful day.  We usually get one or two good snow storms a year and this really is the second time this season we have had any snow.  Today we got alot of it for us here...about 8 inches mounted up on top of my table on the deck.  The trees are so full of snow they are bending over and the deer that came up to feed on the lawn were "knee high".  Do deer have knees?  Anyway, today was just one of those fun days that the kids off from school and were all outside bundled up like Pillsbury Doughboys with red little noses making snowmen and on zooming on sleds.  I just read that the Stafford County Schools are closed again on Tuesday....they want to ensure that the roads are safe for not only the buses but also all the High Schoolers that drive...we are expecting single digits tonight so I guess it is the fear of ice.

Anyway, with all that being said Stafford is beautiful tonight.  Everything is shinny and iced over and we are looking forward to another day to play in the snow!

Now wait until you see my posts in the summer when I am talking about the 80 plus degree weather!

Happy Snow Day!

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