Craigslist Listings! (Listors beware)

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So I have a friend that is an agent and she posted one of her listings on Craigslist.   Little did she know that someone copied her listing, used her photo, and just changed the phone number and email address.   They listed her property as a property for rent when it actually wasn't even for rent. 

She discovered that the scam went like this.  

1)  This guy is using other Realtors photos and listings to list the properties as for rent

2)  When someone calls on the property, he tells them it is available for rent.

3)  He convinces the clients' to send in a security deposit to hold the property.

4)  He disappears and is never seen again.  

So all this to say, if you list your property on Craigslist, you might want to take the time to check out the rental section and make sure this is not happening to one of your properties!  

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