The Re-List for Free Guarantee. Make Your Move!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Prudential Rand is offering buyers a Make Your Move promise!!!  If you buy a home with a Prudential Rand agent by March 31st, 2009 and that home decreases in value when you go to sell it, Prudential Rand will list your house for free!  Read below for more details!!!

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The Re-List for Free Guarantee

It's time to make your move. As one of the leading real estate brokers in the Hudson Valley for almost 25 years, we have seen these ups and downs in the market before, and we know that real estate goes in cycles. We believe that this market provides great opportunities for savvy buyers: rates are at all-time lows, inventory is high, and prices have come down significantly for over three years. This is a great place to live, and over the long-term homes in our area provide a tremendous investment opportunity.

So we're willing to make you this guarantee:
If you buy a home with a Prudential Rand Realty agent by March 31, 2009, and that
home goes down in value by the time you sell it, we will re-list it for free.
It's that simple. We know this is a great time to buy, so we are putting "our money where our mouth is." If you are in contract to buy a home through a Prudential Rand Realty agent by March 31, and your home goes down in value by the time you sell it, we will re-list it without charging a listing commission.

It doesn't matter if you sell it next year, three years from now, or 20 years from now. We've been here for 25 years, and we'll be here for many more. We're committed to the people and communities of Westchester and the Hudson Valley, and we believe that our best years are still to come.
Start here to find yoru dream home. Search For Homes Conditions:

We want to make sure you understand that the "Re-List for Free Guarantee" "Make Your Move" Program has a few simple conditions:
1. You must be in contract by March 31, 2009. You don't need to close by then, but you have to have signed contracts at that time.
2. Your purchase must be for your personal residence. We are not offering the guarantee for investment properties.
3. When you buy, the seller has to pay us a buyer-side commission.
You will receive a Re-List for Free Agreement that will set out these terms and conditions, which we will sign and give to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you do this?
We're doing this because we believe that the local real estate market is near its bottom. Prices have come down in most places for over three years, and are over 10% down from their heights. Although prices still might come down for the next year or so, we firmly believe that people buying homes right now will see appreciation by the time they sell. In other words, we are confident that you are making a smart decision to buy at this time, and we are willing to "put our money where our mouth is."

Do I have to hold my property for any period of time?
No, the promise is good from the day you go into contract until you sell, whether it's next year, in five years, or in 25 years.

Why do I have to be in contract by March 31, 2009?
We believe that now is the time to make your move. Like all promotions or programs, it's only good for a limited time.

How does the program work?
It's very simple. When you meet with your Prudential Rand Realty buyer agent, he or she will present you with the "Re-List for Free" Agreement along with our standard buyer representation agreement. When you buy something through us, we'll keep a copy of that Agreement on file. When it comes time for you to sell, just contact us and we'll make sure you're covered under the "Re-List for Free" Agreement. If you sell your home for less than what you paid for it, then we'll waive our listing side commission.

What if I lose my "Re-List for Free" Agreement?
We will keep a copy of the Agreement on file, just in case you lose it. Even if we both lose it, we'll honor the promise for our purchasers who get into contract between January 9, 2009 and March 31, 2009.

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