Free membership offer because we need your help!!

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Thanks guys for all your help signing up for the free membership. I think we have about twenty so far. Now you just need to start posting. If you have feedback on what else we can do to improve our site please email me.

I would like to extend the free offer again today to all ActiveRain members that would like another site to post their listings and have use of a virtual tour for free!!! Thats right free, nothing, notta, zippo, no charge just plain ole free!! We are trying to get our site launched and need help from any agent that would like to have a free membership to our site. Our goal is to populate our site with as many listings from across the country that we can get. I believe its a great deal and it amazes me how many people have looked but are unsure if there are strings attached. There are no strings attached, just an honest offer for ActiveRain members. We need your help. Check out our site ( and if you would like a free membership email me and I will set it up for you. To me it is a no brain er. Take a look at our virtual tour demo. This is truly a once in a lifetime offer. WE need your help.

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