Don't just HOPE, KNOW!!!


I will start by saying I consider myself a very positive person, but I will immediately stop hoping and start

knowing. You see I was hoping that the recession would end this year, I was hoping that Obama would save

us, I was hoping that the housing market would recooperate, I was hoping families wouldn't loose their

homes, I was hoping, hoping, hoping. HOPE is a great thing it is described as belief in a positive outcome

related to events and circumstances in one's life. I say let's stop HOPing and begin knowing! WHAT????

you might ask..... well I know the recession will end this year because I sold more homes this January

than I did last January. I know people will become home owners because in the city I live in there were 87

homes under contract. I know OBAMA will save us because I already see a change! I know people will stop

losing their homes because OBAMA will help, all of US will help, we will make OUR country better than it's

ever been by working together for a better TODAY! I spoke to a soon to be homeowner today and she said I

know I will be a homeowner before the summer! She has not lost HOPE, she just KNOWS! I am asking

everyone of you reading this today to know that things will get better, to know that the US is a great

country, to know that it is your land, and to know that you will make it better!




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