Mahwah Zoning Board // Pilot TRUCK Stop Hearing --- WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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Why Mahwah residents are still opposed to Pilot's proposed expansion of the truck stop on Rt. 17:


Pilot's current application (their third) is really no different than the first application in its effects on the community.  It is still a truck stop where trucks fuel, rest and park.  Increased traffic means increased potential danger to drivers, students and residents and our environment.  The Bergen County Appellate Court upheld Mahwah's denial of Pilot's first application and cited "there would be a substantial detriment to the surrounding properties and to the general public as a result of the increase in traffic, congestion, noise and safety, as well as the potential for water and air pollution. Therefore, the Court adopts the Board's determination that the proposed use is incompatible with the area and not suitable for the subject site."

Pilot also plans to build a large Convenience Store which will be only be steps away from our schools and especially the High School.  Students will be enticed to go there and can mingle with truck drivers.

Although Mahwah has an ordinance that requires a distance of at least 500 ft. between gas stations and schools and most other towns have similar laws, some Mahwah officials do not seem to understand the concern we have for unnecessarily exposing our children to increased traffic, environmental problems, safety issues and the potential for disastrous accidents.

The Zoning Board can and should deny Pilot's application based on the existing ordinance as the Pilot site is 50 ft. from school grounds.  If the Zoning Board approves Pilot's proposed expansion, truck and car traffic will intensify and risk of accidents will increase.

We need your help to let the Zoning Board know that we want them to uphold the existing law that prohibits gas stations from being within 500 ft. of a school and not allow Pilot to expand the site.

Please join us at the Mahwah Zoning Board hearing Wednesday March 4th at 8pm at Town Hall.  Traffic numbers will be discussed at this hearing.You can also pass this email to your friends and/or e-mail the mayor to let him know you are against the expansion: 

Richard Martel

Thank You for Your Support --- Parents for Safety

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David Jirasek
Jirasek Realty - Temple, TX

In our market, we do not have a 500 foot law prohibiting fuel sales away from schools. These type of travel centers create lots of jobs, as well as much needed tax revenue for the cities and state. I looked for a follow-up blog on this, but didn't find one. I'm curious if this project was passed by P&Z/Council and developed. If it was decided by city leaders not to be a a suitable location, was it built nearby?

Feb 13, 2011 02:57 AM