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Buyer buys at open home

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I recently got a referral from a family member, It happens I also knew this person and had met them a few times.  Very nice people that needed to find a house soon as their lease was up soon. A cash buyer    ( O Boy)

So with a list of what was important to them, I start my search finding 15 or so listings in the towns they like. Home after home we search till we both have a good understanding that either are price is too low or what they expect in a home is too much.  Now after 3 weeks  I have been watching and looking 3 times a day for anything that might work, when I think lets push the area alittle further west.

Looking out west, keep in mind we are 15 miles away from where they wanted to live. I decide to show them a home out west in a nice community , they liked it but not enought to purchase. But the good news is they like this area. Bingo  I know I can start searching for a new home and I know there are alot of quility homes for them here.

Sundays Email from buyer,   " just wanted to keep you informed that we drove around and found an open house , The Realtor owned it and needed to sell and took our offer. Thanks you for everything your a gem. Let us know when we can take you to dinner.

Note: I spoke that first week about letting everyone know your working with me

Im so taken back I have not told them how I feel ....YET