Part 2 of ( 5 Ways to Unleash the Entrepreneur in YOU! )

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EntrepreneurWelcome back to Part 2 of the ‘5 Ways to Unleash the Entrepreneur in YOU!'

By now, I'm sure you've got a journal handy, started capturing those ‘Golden Moments' on paper and heck I bet you took some of those awesome ideas and plugged them into the formula.

What formula?

You're kidding me right?

Phew! You had me scared but here it is again for those of you who were serious:

Passion + Purpose + Persistence = Prosperity?

Got have passion or as my friend Doug Firebaugh puts it "Passion Fire!"

Now that you've got that ‘HOT IDEA' and it qualifies under the formula above do you remember what was next?


OK, looks like I should recap for a moment on what I covered on the previous note because in order for YOU to unleash the business that's laying dormant in your mind you must take action!

You see there's no shortage of information when it comes to ‘How to be successful' or ‘How to start an Internet business' and so on. For example: There are countless books, CDs, programs, and diet plans that teach you how to lose weight. Why do you think it's a $40 billion dollar industry! But the big question is "why is 40% of the country still overweight?" Everyone has the knowledge available to lose weight but the only way it will happen is if action is taken.

You've probably heard that knowledge is power but I believe that ‘Applied Knowledge' is the real power.

OK, so here's the brief recap:

We know that the greatest innovations, developments, inventions, companies, and success stories will arise as a result of the current economic times than any time in history.

This is truly the ‘Year of the Entrepreneur!'

I've shared with you why now there's never been a better time in history where we have had the ability to connect with one another on such a massive scale without any obstacles preventing us other than needing a computer and an Internet connection.

YOUR Mind is greater than any super computer in the world!

So let's put it to work!

I covered the following 3 of the 5 ways on the previous note.


1) Keep a journal

Some of the greatest business ideas come when you least expect it and you must have a journal on hand at all times to capture what I call ‘Golden Moments.'

2) Research your ideas

Once you have a ‘Hot Idea' that your passionate about then plug in the next formula which is

Hot Idea + Starving Crowd + Money Being Spent + Little Competition = BIG Opportunity!

We covered a few research tools for you such as:


*Google Keyword Tool

An excellent tool that allows you to research advertiser competition and search volume based on your keyword selected. The greater the niche in your idea the better it is.

3) Record your ideas

Don't have time to write? Why not record yourself and sell a CD or downloadable audio instead? Or you can always have your audios transcribed into text and BAM there's your eBook!

I shared some great tools for getting the job done:

*For recording audios, podcasts use BYO Audio at

*To record audios on the go with excellent quality use Zoom H2 or Zoom H4 which can be purchased at Radio Shack.

*To transcribe your audiosinto text and save countless hours of typing check out Verbalink at

*For creating an eBook you can use eBook Pro at

*For creating dynamite coversfor your eBook, report, CD, or DVD check out Dynamite covers check out

Ready to move on to the final two ways?


Here's Part 2 of the ‘5 Ways to Unleash the Entrepreneur in YOU!'

4) Build your Dream Team

No matter how talented, gifted, skilled, or smart you are, success will only come if you bring some special people on the journey with you.

Your team!

Building a team is crucial to the success of your business and not just any team but what I call a ‘Dream Team.'

What is a ‘Dream Team?'

Definition - a number of persons of the highest ability associated in some joint action.

Choosing the people who will have an intimate role in your vision and business is so important so be diligent. Make sure they have the highest integrity, character, and values that reflect what you and your business are all about. More importantly is to assemble key people that have strengths in the areas where you are weak. Keep in mind when I talk about your team I'm also referring to your providers who will be a part of your day to day business operations.

For example:

Let's say you are an expert in ‘pet grooming' and you want to write a course on how to start a pet grooming business. You've had a brick and mortar pet grooming business for years and now you want to start an Internet business to promote your store and generate a whole new income stream with your info products on 'starting a pet grooming business.'

Don't know where to start?

This is why you would need a ‘Dream Team' so your vision for your business can come to a reality. By seeking the experts in the specific areas where you are weak will put your business on a fast track to success.

Now, let me also say that there is another team that you will need to assemble called the ‘Mastermind Team'or mentorship team. This team will consist of trainers, coaches, experts, consultants, and speakers who you will learn from to further grow personally, professionally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Is this important?

Don't take it from me the concept of the Mastermind Group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900's. In his timeless classic, "Think and Grow Rich" he wrote about the Mastermind principle as:

"The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

He continues...

"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."

This doesn't necessarily mean that you must have some of these superstars working with you on a personal one on one basis, (shoot for the stars why not?) but it does mean that you can follow their trainings, subscribe to their feeds, blogs, tweets, and study their materials.

One of the most powerful strategies you can ever apply is the ‘Virtual Mastermind' where you visualize having a mastermind meeting with your selected mentors.

Visualize this for a moment with me ok?

You're in a comfortable meeting room overlooking the ocean on a tropical island and sitting alongside you at the large granite table is your ‘Mastermind' team. They are there to brain storm and help you grow your business. In this meeting are the greatest minds in business, Internet Marketing superstars, Social Media Marketing experts, and so on. Visualize what each of the members would tell you what you should be doing and how to better improve your business. Imagine having them at your disposal any time you want! Use the ‘Virtual Mastermind' and you'll be amazed on how you will transform your business.

5) Use the Power of Mind Mapping

I love this aspect of ‘Unleashing the Entrepreneur in YOU' because it crystallizes your thoughts, HOT ideas, and marketing/social media plan in a visualized format. A mind map works the way our human brain works, but helps by a powerful graphical process. It frees your mind to think, visualize, and understand in ways that go way beyond notepads, excel documents, or recordings. So when you need to brainstorm, plan, learn, organize, save time, improve recall, and manage the details of your new business venture, a mind map is a great place to do it all.

What is a mind map?


A mind map (or mind-map) is a diagram used for linking words and ideas to a central key word or idea. It is used to visualize, classify, structure, and generate ideas, as well as an aid in study, problem solving, and decision making.

Mind mapping takes your ‘Hot Idea' and puts it into a workable format or blueprint where you're able to map out your entire business flow in a visual format.

One of my mentors who are well known for promoting this is Yanik Silver. He is a mind-mapping maniac!

Now, I do know that some of you may say that you are already using mind mapping and do it on a note pad. That's OK but sometimes using a platform like Mindjet can help you share your planning with your partners or ‘Dream Team' members in a much easier fashion.

For some great informationon the benefits of mind mapping from Wikipedia go to

For some FREE mind mapping software programs go to

For some serious mind mapping softwarethat allows you to share with others on an on-line platform check out Mindjet -

I want to thank you for sharing your time, energy, enthusiasm, drive, and passion in learning more about how you can ‘Unleash the Entrepreneur in You!"

If this information has made an impact on you please feel free to share it with your friends!

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the American dream so start stimulating your economy today by starting your own business.

Remember - "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible"~ St. Francis of Assisi

Make it a great day!


National Entrepreneur Club

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Providence, RI

Marco, did you write the whole thing? This is hard work. I have bookmarked it and come back later on. I agree with you on these 5 points. No.3 seems interesting. I always thought I am a pretty good singer. The other day, I taped one song for each family member. Now I donot believe I am good singer.

Mar 04, 2009 11:24 AM
Marco Carbajo
Business Credit Insiders Circle - Howell, MI

Hi Huiting,

Thank you for your feedback and I like your sense of humor. Yes, I did write the whole post and I am happy to hear that the information is helpful to you.

All the best to you!


Mar 04, 2009 07:46 PM