What exactly does a Team Leader do?

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Keller Williams has a different management model than most real estate companies. Instead of having an office manager, we have what is called a team leader. So I thought I would let the world know what exactly a team leader does!

Q: Is "Team Leader" just another name for "Office Manager"?

No! The typical office manager is an administrator. Team Leaders are focused on growing agent's businesses and their market centers. They coach, consult and train their associates at every level. As the CEO, they set the standards, provide the vision, maintain the culture and inspire achievement.

Q: How do they do that?

By being in relationship with each existing associate and cultivating new relationships within the community. By understanding their businesses, goals, dreams and aspirations, they can insure that agents are effectively trained and coached into greater productivity. Team Leaders know the agents who work in their community; they seek high minded professionals to join the market center and enhance their team.

Q: What qualifies someone to be a Team Leader?

Team Leaders go through an extensive screening process, as Keller Williams has determined that only a small percentage of the population will thrive in the position. First, an effective team leader needs to be highly social (a real people person); assertive; and dedicated to serving their associates. They have been successful in sales and enjoy an excellent reputation. They embody the KW culture and have great vision for their market centers!

Q: Do Team Leaders receive special training?

Absolutely! From day one they enter into a course of study that insures their success in this leadership role. TL's are highly learning based; they love to take advantage of training. Seminars, classes, coaching and mastermind sessions are all things that a Team Leader incorporates into their calendar, so they may serve their market centers at the highest possible level. All of this translates into a leader who has the knowledge, experience and skills to take their associates into greater production and profitability. 

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