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Okay,  I love my computer, or should I say "computers"??  I have several that I use.  Unfortunately, every time I add a new one I have all kinds of trouble getting everything to run the same.  Well, at least since Windows put Vista out there.  Just last April I had a crash, a big one.  A fried Mother Board, lost everything.  Fortunately, using microsoft I did not loose any client documents however I lost all of my personal information and pictures that I had saved (including home photos and yes now I backup at least once a week or more).  So my question here is>>>

  • Are there any RTV Dealers out there running Tour Builder software on a machine that is Window Vista Home Premium.  (windows xp was no longer available for purchase on a new machine).
  • How did you figure out how to get the software to update on download which allows it to run?
  • CAN YOU HELP ME???????

I had the old computer fixed (Windows XP Home Multimedia) and am using it at my desk at the office, it runs the TourBuilder software just fine.  I have the new laptop with me at home and of course now cannot use it for the RTV software until I figure out how to make it work.  This creates a dilema for me as now I have to carry the old computer around with me to do my Tours and it is 3 years old and looks it.  I don't know about you guys but I USE my computers.  I am on and off of them all day long.  Also this has limited my time at the office as it is an inconvenience to have to do this.  I know that somebody out there has to have had some of this happen to them, and there has to be a Full Service Dealer somewhere using Vista Home Premium.  By the way, when I went to Circuit City and bought the new computer of course this is the softwart that was sold on the machine and I was told would do anything I wanted to do.  Also, this was just like one week after you could no longer purchase a computer with Windows XP on it.  I would really appreciate any information you guys can send me as I would like to get back to normal and be able to once again work from the office as well as home.  I think my Broker would like it as well.

So in advance of all the comments I am going to receive, THANK YOU!  I am soooo  new to this and I want to get up and running as quickly as possible.  I know I will receive more help here than anywhere else.  Who else but all of you Professonal RTV Dealers would have any clue how or where to go for this help.  (Ben hasn't figured it out yet at RTV so I am BEGGING for help ....  Please)  Don't forget to read my other Blogs here on Active Rain.  Give me some comments and help me be a better RTV Dealer. 

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Brett Weaver

Carol, I sent you and email with help.  Let me know if you didn't get it.

Brett Weaver

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Mar 07, 2009 03:13 AM
Linda Sabiston
First Impression Photography & Virtual Tours - Gibsons, BC

I just got a new computer system, quad core bla, bla, bla with an extra hard drive.... it should be more power than I need to stitch tours and use the two photoshop programs I have. BUT, that's not the case. My laptop with XP running on it takes 1mins 57secs to stitch a pano. My new top of the line speed demon running Vista takes 2mins 45secs! It should be processing them much faster than the laptop.

I also installed photoshop cs4 on the new system and it's a slug. The shadow/highlights slider in the old laptop works in real time.... the new computer is jerky and lags behind.

I've got the system in the shop right now to see if there is a solution. I may get them to install windows xp if that helps!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!



ps, How long does it take your computers to stitch a 12 image pano???

Aug 10, 2009 12:09 PM