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High Rock Lake sunriseThe Birds Fishing of Deck of Boat Dock

While relaxing this morning, looking out on to the lake..I saw a real big fish jumping out of the water. Now this is a sight quite common if you are on the coast or in the sound, but this morning in Abbott's Creek Cove. Well needless to say I was a bit taken back and thinking to myself, if I was a fisherman I would go down and wet my hook!

What a beautiful morning it is down here at High Rock Lake today. The seagulls are swooning over the Great Pond and have been for weeks now. We are scheduled to have some warm temps here this weekend so I imagine the boat traffic will pick up today. We have been experiencing some Cold Temperatures lately so I wonder does that blast the Global Warming theories! HaHa! Still we don't know who will sign the contract for the Lake and that does have quite alot of homeowners and Lake enthusiast sitting on the edge of their seats.

Sales of homes here on the lake have been steady but there is a "sitting on the fence" mode that we are thinking will pass soon. The home sales will be picking up soon as there are great deals this year like we haven't seen in the past 2 years. The market has been correcting itself in NC as a whole, whether anyone would like to face those facts or not, the facts don't lie. If you don't have to sell right now, I would recommend you don't because I do believe after some of this credit stagnation flushes, you will see prices increase tremendously out here. We are one of the few lakes in NC you can actually build a waterfront homes. Still there are some draw backs to this lake. The main one I have addressed: We need a River Keeper that cares about the eco system and will maintain the Pond at levels that will be condusive to nature and it's wildlife habitats. We believe this will happen soon.

Still, this is one of the most peaceful places on earth. A true hidden treasure. Please join us sometime and see what our Lake has to offer you and  your family. Best fishing in the country for Bass.

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Wendy Welborne-Kimery
Keller Williams-Lake Norman Mooresville,NC - Mooresville, NC

Beautiful photo JoAnne.  It reminds me of Lake Norman in the mornings.  I hope you  have a great weekend.  What about those temps in the 70's?

Mar 06, 2009 01:26 AM
JoAnne Mercer
Raleigh Cary NC New Homes Realty - Wake Forest, NC

Nothing is finer than Carolina!

Mar 06, 2009 01:37 PM