A Proper Home Evaluation

Real Estate Agent with Museum Park Realty

Hundreds of thousands of resources on the internet will tell you that when buying a new home in the Miami Beach real estate market, things like mortgage approval, location, and price must be taken into account. Besides those items, there are a few things that are just as important to keep an eye out for. Considering checking these items out when doing a walkthrough of the home you intend to buy.

Strongly consider having someone check out the electrical wiring in the home, perhaps through a home inspection report or by doing it yourself. It may not seem like it but even new Miami Beach real estate can have faulty wiring.

Along with the wiring, also check the plumbing. Sinks for example are notorious for having leaks that can only be seen from behind. A faulty and/or leaky sink can result in the buildup of mold which will lead to repairs down the road.

It may be best to start off by checking the attic of a home, assuming there is one. Attics are a great way of determining the condition of a home since the roofs can be evaluated as well as the wall insulation which, depending on its newness, can help you determine if there was recent leakage.

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