Renton Thriftway is leaving Renton

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It is unfortunate to hear the announcement that our Renton Thriftway is leaving Renton.  Apparently they had too much competition with all of the bigger and newer grocery stores close by.  Along with the economy, more shoppers were favoring discount grocery stores. 

Even though my kids and co-workers often joked that is was the not-so-Thrift-way, we compared the Renton Thriftway store with a smaller version of a Whole Foods.  Since I personally was not interested in battling 405 weekly for grocery shopping, Thriftway being just 15 minutes away filled in nicely.

Many of us will miss their hot food department.  Oh, their baked salmon for lunch was the best on the go food I've had. Not to mention their produce and cheese selection.  The guys in the cheese department actually knew what he was talking about!  To me that was always amazing! 

 In every situation we can find the good.  The store owner, as well as three different stores jumped in to help find new employement for everyone.  That is true community spirit.   All but a few of the current staff will be placed with new employers once the store closes. 

As our Renton Thriftway closes it's doors on March 22nd, let us be kind and wish them well.  When our new neighbor, Uwajimaya moves in, let us all be gracious and welcoming as they bring new business and opportunity to our community. 

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I know, I feel like I'm losing family. I drove by Thriftway everyday on the way home and stopped several times a week. It was a great store with items you don't find at the big box stores. I wish them well...


Mar 10, 2009 09:12 AM

My wife and I loved shopping there for the oraganic food and cheeses.  It is so sad they will not be around anymore.

We miss this store and hope another store some day will open.  Come back Thriftway!!!

Jul 10, 2009 06:08 AM