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Don't ask God for a fish !!!!

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We live in an instant society. We know if we excercise right and eat healthy we could lose weight. The fact is most Americans would rather take a pill that will burn it off or have it surgically removed or sucked out through Lypo. The fact is I am kind of like this, although I do eat healthier and excercise. I was brought up to believe that borrowing money and then paying it off later was the answer to meet the immediate needs, like a car, a house, a student loan etc. If I could rewind and play it all over again with what I know now ! Well, I can't but I sure can make sure some other Americans don't make the same mistake that I made. There is a way now to pay that mortgage off early and invest for your future, and its easy, point and click technology, and user friendly. This is not the answer of course but it is a begining to know where your money is going and plan for where you want it to go. Educate yourself about this program, you have everything to gain, Solomon asked God for wisdom and Knowledge and became the wealthiest man ever known in biblical history. In other words he did not ask God for the fish, he asked God how to fish. Take the time to fish........ www.u1stfinancial.net/bahf

God Bless, To your continued success,  Mark

Billy Howard
EnviroTech Exterminating - Broken Arrow, OK
Yes, it's sad but we live now in a society that wants INSTANT gratification.  People are simply either too busy, too lazy or don't think about taking care of themselves.  Liposuction and cosmetic surgery don't solve the underlying problem. Bottom line, if you take care of your body then you don't need these procedures. Our society is no different when it comes to otherthings like jobs and building a career.  Some people give up all too fast... I love to Fly Fish and sometime it takes half the day to catch one of these beauties. It takes patience, skill and determination. Sometimes I think if only the entire world spent time fly fishing then we wouldn't have such demanding expectations when it comes to instant results. 
May 11, 2007 04:12 PM
Eric Bouler
Gardner Realtors, Licensed in La. - New Orleans, LA
Listening to your Needs
When I fish I like to catch a lot. Its great eating but I get your point completely. i work an area of town where you can walk to the different units and condos. I can generallly cover a lot of ground and walk plenty of steps. The downtown areas could make a come back with the ever rising entergy cost. What is killing the growth is that these are generally the higher taxed areas.
May 11, 2007 04:24 PM