Downingtown is Turning 150 !

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Downingtown 150

Downingtown, PA is Turning 150

I saw the sign on Pennsylvania Avenue near the gazebo, "Volunteers needed for Downingtown's Sesquicentennial Celebration. Call 610-269-0344." I'd seen it for a couple of days, and finally decided this was something I needed to be involved in.

I was born in West Chester, PA and lived in Downingtown until I was eight years old. Downingtown held many memories for me- and after living around the world (Air Force brat) - it was the only real place to call "home".What a great opportunity to give back to the community !

It has been fun to be a part of the planning - to come together with other people who care about the town and want to make the celebration event a hit with the community. The memories of the town have been so fun to learn - and I don't consider myself a real history buff.

If you'd like more information about the events including a parade and celebration day in May & a market day in October - you can visit the site I'm working on at Downingtown 150.

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