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Does any of this really surprise anybody?? You are so nieve if you do not realize this is the Way of the World. I've had a theory since the mid 70's that I think is suited to this situation and the Rise and Fall of Socialism. If you made all things equal and gave the remaining three people on earth exactly the same thing, lets say they each get $2000, a brand new car and a brand new home. I will bet that in three months time one person will have three cars, one three homes and the other will have $6000 cash!!! Why then, when they all had the same thing and the same amount of wealth, would they barter, bargain, or sell off what they had???? The answer is Human Nuture... people do not want the same things; one person loves cars, one wants homes, and another wants cash. This is why the many TRILLIONS of dollars being spent for all kinds of programs are ultimately going to be wasted and bankrupt our society. Notice I said "Society" not financial system. Show me the great society that exist today where every one is equal in wealth, spirit, politics, and freedom of expression. Those at the top only care about Power and keeping power. We have the power to change what is happening to our society. Ask me how!!!