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Oh, the terrible market !

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Are you not just sick and tired of hearing all the moaning and groaning?  The media has painted the picture and continues to be VERY negative-- which sets the tone for many viewers. Of course things are "tighter" than anyone wants them to be, but there are still plenty of opportunities.  In the real estate business most buyers think they can not secure a loan and sellers think they can not sell a house in this market.  That information is  not correct!  Lenders have money to lend to qualified buyers and homes are selling, eventhough it is taking more market time. Anyone thinking of buying should be doing so NOW.  The inventory is high, rates are low and sellers are motivated.  As a seller, even if the home sells for a little less than desired - you should be able to purchase at a good price.

I wrote this blog a year ago and it is still soooo  true !