Real Estate in the Central Valley of California

Real Estate Sales Representative with PMZ Real Estate, Inc.

I have been selling real estate in the Modesto, Riverbank, Salida, Ripon areas of California (the Central Valley, where the foreclosure crisis really began) for 12 years now.  I have never worked as hard (and some, not knowing the real estate sales business so well might say, yes, it's high time you worked hard to earn the money you earn!)  But saying I have never worked so hard entails everything, unlocking houses and not knowing what you'll encounter inside, the sad stories and emotion that go along with these times all factor into this word "hard" -- writing 8-10 offers before getting 1 accepted for buyers, etc. etc.  Sad stories of fellow agents who are experiencing the financial downturn.  Yes, the times require much from us as agents, not just unlocking the doors of these foreclosures to unknown conditions inside, but dealing with our own emotions tied to the losses of the empty rooms - a doll left in the middle of the floor, birthday and anniversary cards strewn about, signs of anger in the holes of the walls and doors.  It's important to spend moments quietly each day and recognize the feelings invoked by this work.  But nonetheless it is so gratifying to reap the rewards of turning the keys over to the newlyweds, first time homebuyers or investors, etc. and see the end result.  We just have to go about this work it so differently now than we did before.

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