Real Estate Consultant for Life? Puh-lease!

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I always chuckle when I hear Realtors use "your real estate consultant for life".  It reminds me of a Dilbert® cartoon strip in which Dilbert® explains his profession:  "I like to con and insult people, that's why I choose to become a Consultant."


Seriously, though - Realtors® nationwide rate right up there with used car salesmen in professional credibility studies.  As a professional service industry - that should concern all of us.  My advice is to never mind being a consultant and focus on becoming a trusted advisor; especially in this economy.


It is not longer just about the transaction (and frankly, it never should have been) - it is all about the referrals.  As you have heard repeatedly - all things being equal, people want to do business with those they know, like and TRUST . . . as in a TRUSTED advisor. 


In its simplest definition, trust is a firm belief in the honesty of another and the absence of suspicion regarding his motives or practices.  A trusted advisor is someone who chooses to advise his clients to do what is in their best interest - even if his bank account suffers (no pun intended).


According to Jeffrey Gitomer's new book "The Little Teal Book of Trust", the key to becoming a TRUSTED ADVISOR (and earning lots of referrals) is to:


Tell the truth. This is the number one element of trust AND relationships.


Do what you say you will do. This is a test for being trustworthy and reliable.


Communicate in a timely manner. This shows you are responsible, on top of it, and that you care.


Bring value beyond your product or service. What you do to help others be more successful will be a true reflection of your character.


Be on time. Being on time shows you respect the other person's time.


Be friendly. Smiling people are the gateway to open communication.


Be sincere. This can only come from belief in what you do, loving what you do, and caring for others.


Show and say genuine thanks. Be grateful for the opportunity to be of service.


Be consistent. I believe this element of trust is the most difficult to master because it combines all the other elements.


Give trust. You become trustworthy by giving trust to others.

 Trust is not an entitlement - it is earned.  You cannot buy trust, but over time, you can build it for free!  And those who know, like and TRUST you will make you successful beyond your wildest dreams!

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