Gain 50% More Daylight for Your For Sale Sign!

Real Estate Agent with LISTINGLIGHT

Listinglight, The Brightest and Most Reliable Sign Light is celebrating its 3 year anniversary and we've sold close to 20,000 Listinglights all over the world. We thank you for your support and would appreciate for you to keep spreading the word. Our testimonial page is loaded with success stories from people saying, "It helped me get a listing!" "People have branded me the light guy in my farm area." "I sold my listing in two weeks after I added the Listinglight" etc. In these tough economic times when sellers are desperate to sell their property they look to us to find new and creative ways to sell their homes faster. The Listinglight can give you up to 5 more hours of selling time per day and that's 150 extra hours per month or more than 6 extra days per month! So what's your hesitation...  enter Active Rain in promo code and get 15% off!

Here are a list of objections and answers: 

  • Someone will steal them? Listinglights lock onto the sign with 4 suction cups and four security screws with no holes to drill. Light is a deterrent to theft and easy to install.
  • They are illegal in my town? So far with close to 20,000 light sold we haven't had one reported citation because they go on for 3 or 5 hours and then go off automatically
  • I want solar instead of your battery operated light? Have you ever seen solar landscaping? It isn't very bright and some days it works and other days it doesn't.


For $65 per Listinglight you get a:

  • A lighted billboard with your name and picture exposed in your farm area
  • Bring it on a listing presentation and tell the sellers you'll give them 150 more hours of exposure every month than any agent that walks in the door
  • Buyers can spot new or existing listings after work when they are cruising for houses

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