Motivation To Buy In Maine Has Commom Theme With Country Mouse And City Mouse.

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Showed a lake home in Oakfield Maine today to folks from outside of Boston. The wife is from thismaine lake real estate, aroostook county waterfront, mooers realty area. Three kids...12 down to 5. 

They want a lake place to show there kids life beyond the city. It's a 6+ hour drive but the prices are sooooo low and the fewer people, less noise and more privacy are three carrots driving the donkey cart on this one.  They figure Maine is "Vacationland" says so on eveyrone's license plate so renting it out carefully to quality folks when they don't use the place could turn it into a nice second home tax deduction too. The long range plan, after kids leave the nest and mom/dad retire is to live here half the year and spend winters in Florida, The Carolinas or Arizona.  This lake home is $129,900! Full cellar, up to 3 bedrooms, major view, deck, huge lot and right on the edge of the water..the whole nine yards.

     From Oakfield, zipped on to Island Falls to meet some folks from New Hampshire. The bait on line that cause the wheels to turn? A store front with 3 bedroom home attached for $19,900.  Go ahead and rub your eyes but $19,900 is the right number. This couple have two kids and want to move to a small town with strong community family values. For $19,900 they can land here, and her nursing job plus his ground work equipment business will more than make ends meet. They will have no over head and own the place outright if they buy. In a few years they want to build but getting the kids out of a larger population center and raising them right plus being home each night for the family supper to be part of the kid's life if the reason for the move. They said they've had the $52,000 pickups, the 5200 square foot house and now just want simple. Her pay will be lower but everything else is too. They figure instead of work, work, work to pay for the overhead like they have been doing, they can ease back and actually live..enjoy life and their kids while they are young. They are tired of the treadmill they have been on and it's getting old.

     Themes..common themes we hear from folks not happy living in the urban cities who want a better country setting to have a garden, burn wood if they need to and get by on one income to be there for their kids. Family is the priority motivating the eventual purchase in both cases! In Maine we sell smaller, simpler, down to earth homes with lots of land, on lake and all with fewer but friendlier people. The wildlife, the 4 seasons, and the recreational options in their back yard is the motivator to buy while rates are low.

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