Erin Toll and PPAR

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On Wednesday the gazette had an article on Pikes Peak Association of Realtors (PPAR) not allowing Erin Toll to access the PPAR database for "fishing expeditions". All I have to say about the subject is WAY TO GO PPAR! ( can go to the article by following this link.)

If Erin Toll needs to get into PPAR then have her go get her own real estate licenses and pay the doubling of the fees that she raised earlier last year for new Realtors and/or transferring Realtors!

Oh Friday I had the pleasure of hearing Terry Storm speak to the subject. He is willing to work with Erin, he just wants to know what she is looking for. The Gazette mention that Erin would be looking for the following things "signs of over appraised properties, pockets of homes going into foreclosures, and other indicators of mortgage fraud" I may have a simple mind, but I can't believe that the use of the MLS system would give here this things.

One: We are not appraisers.
Two: If there are five homes on a street going into foreclosures, is it the real estate agents fault?
Three: We are not lenders: We are Real Estate Agents!

I do believe that we need to catch the "bad guys" but I just don't feel, from the limited knowledge that I have on the subject....that Erin Toll can do that by looking at data on PPAR. As the bottom of each MLS print out says, "Information herein deemed reliable but not guaranteed." It is our job as Realtors to help our clients verify and know what they are buying. The information provided through PPAR is placed by our fellow Realtors....and it is our job to verify the information for our clients that are wanting to purchase the home, example would be square footage....we verify that the square footage stated in the MLS is the same as it is on the assessors office. That is a check and balance system. Regarding Price of home...I hope everyone does a cost market analysis before submitting an offer or taking a listings. Again check and balance system.

So again....bravo to Terry Storm and his team at PPAR. I applaud your efforts and say WAY TO GO!

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