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The old saying " You scratch my back and I will scratch yours" is a great segue into obtaining SUPER referrals.  After, what I thought, was endless self marketing, I realized that many small local business were a great way to get my name out to the public quickly for FREE!

First of all, I located several small business in my focus areas that are doing great business, such as those Mom -and-Pop chains that are part of areas history, new shops that generate lots of business, and other small companies that are small but have become a quick overnight attraction.  Next, I pay them a visit to get a feel for the business and of course, sample their wares.  Most of  the time, the are truly exceptional!  I always make it a point to talk to the owner/manager about how great their service and product was for me.  My goal here is to be remembered for my praise (I am always honest).  I always let them know I will be back to enjoy their service/product again and ALWAYS GET A BUSINESS CARD and the owner/manager's name.   Bear in mind, this is just my first visit. 

With the information I gather, I add it to my TEAM PROSPECTS portfolio (a simple business card holder, MARKED PROSPECT), prepare a letter to send to the owner/manager again stating my satisfaction with their service and products.  In  this letter I let them know I will follow up with a call to schedule a date that I can meet with owner/manager for 15 minutes to discuss how I, as a Realtor would love to help them by providing referral to their business.  I always give the business a phone call two days later to verify my letter was received and to confirm a the meeting.  Here is a sample of my phone script:

Business owner:  Hello?

Me:  May I please speak to Robert Owner? (Owner/Manager)

Business Owner:  This is Robert. How can I help you?

Me:  Robert, This is Aja Iglesias-Terrell, I visited your bakery last week and had your heavenly carrot cake.  I wanted to know if you received my letter I sent you about increasing your business.  Is this a good time to talk?

Business Owner:  Oh, yes! I did get your letter, and thank you for the compliments.  Sure. I have a few minutes.

Me:  Well, Robert.  I as you know from my letter I am a Realtor and I come in contact with all types of people each day buying and selling a home.  Many people I come in contact with ask me to refer a them to services that are best in town.  Since so many of my clients have asked me for referrals, I decided to create a gift for my clients that includes several local business that I highly recommend.   I call it my Business Greats.  Robert, do you like to work with client that are referred to you?

Business Owner:  Definitely!

Me:  I am sure I can help you add to your business growth for FREE!  Would you mind if we schedule a time within the next three days that I can come and get about 50 of your business cards to help you increase your business?

Business Owner:  Not at all, I would appreciate that.

Me:   Robert, I was also wondering if you would be comfortable referring me to your friends and client?

Business Owner: Not a problem, I would love to.

Me:  Robert, with your permission, when I stop by to pick up your business cards, I'll leave some  of mine with you, this way we can refer each other.  I will also, leave a copy of my Business Greats gift pack for you.  Is Tuesday, the 15th around 10am fine for you? 

Business Owner:  Sounds great.

Me:  Robert, thank you much.  I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.  By the way, can you have one of your scrumptious carrot cakes ready for me to purchase.  I truly love your cakes. 


This is my way of gaining reciprocal business from local business and yes, it truly works.  I was just contacted by a client that was referred from my favorite local bakery. 

Good luck to you all!



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