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Veterans Administration Special Adaptive Housing

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has a specially adapted housing program.  An eligible veteran or servicemember may receive a VA grant of not more than 50 percent of the cost of a specially adapted house.  This amount is allowed above the standard VA loan limits.  The grant is available for servicemembers to construct an adapted home or modify an existing home to meet their adaptive needs.

Whitworth Builders, Inc. recently had the pleasure of completing a home for a servicemember who has a specific service-connected disability.  The whole process takes longer than an average build given we had to send the selected plans to the VA for review, which added about 5 months to the build time. 

During the build, Whitworth Builders were given specific guidelines to follow and were monitored at various stages by the VA.  After completion of the home, the VA sent an appraisor who specializes in adaptive housing to ensure that the completed home met adaptive home requirements. 

All in all it was a very rewarding experience for Whitworth Builders, Inc. and we look forward to building another one.

For more information on use of such grants, please contact Brian N. Bixler, Chief, Specially Adapted Housing, on (202) 461-9546 or via Email at: brian.bixler@va.gov.

Here is a video of the completed home. It is located in Navarre, FL. For more information about homes Whitworth Builders is building in the Navarre, FL and Crestview, FL area, please contact me at (850) 543-8617 or beth@whitworthbuilders.com