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PURPOSE: The purpose of this proposal is to outline the benefits and items to be aware of when investing in bulk foreclosed property. It will detail the company www.cherrypickreos.com and its investment opportunities available with real estate, as well as the services provided to assist investors to cash flow their properties.


COMPANY INFORMATION: www.cherrypickreos.com was a site created by Reverend Dominick Corey in 2007 to assist investors by offering bulk foreclosed properties for individual or bulk purchase. It also offers a suite of services to assist with the cash flow aspect of these properties. Reverend Dominick Corey has extensive area of sales and marketing.


THE OPPORTUNITY: With the onset of the recent credit crisis, homes by the thousands have been going into foreclosure in the last couple of years in numbers never before seen. While it has always been common practice for savvy investors to purchase foreclosed properties at discounted prices, it has never before seen the magnitude of the savings that exist today by purchase these homes.


Many of the areas that have been hit the worst by the economic downturn, such as Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri present some of the best opportunities for long term profit. Investors may purchase property for discounted prices and then learn how to cash flow their properties in a short amount of time. The investors that are truly profiting from this opportunity are not afraid to invest in these areas.


The company offers investors the opportunity to select the properties that they wish to invest in, and then the company may at the option of the investors assist in finding management, marketing, and sale of the purchased properties. The company allows for a traditional closing if that is the request of the investor.


PROCESS: The first step in the investment process is for the investors to select the properties from the available inventory. They choose from either vacant properties, or occupied properties that are already cash flowing. Vacant properties range in price from $7,000 to $10,000 depending on the number of properties purchased. Occupied properties are priced individually, but generally range between $20,000 and $30,000.


Once the desired properties have been selected, the company verifies that the desired properties are in fact available for closing as there are several investors and other clients that purchase from the inventories, it is possible that a property may already be taken while other investors select. Therefore, it is in the investor's best interest to shorten any due diligence required or place the full amount of purchase funds in escrow to hold the properties.


The next step in the process is to determine the method of closing.


For a quicker closing, all clients place the necessary funds for the full purchase in the escrow account indicated on the purchase contract. Upon receipt of the funds, the contract is completed and the funds are disbursed. The investor then receives the deeds to their properties as soon as they are available from the selling banks. This process can be as short as two to three business days, or can take up to 90 days. The purchase contract and notarized receipt of funds serves as verification of purchase until the property may properly be recorded.

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