Lee County Kiwanis Azalea Sale

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OK.  I admit it.  I joined the Lee County Kiwanis group for professional reasons.  I figured it looked good in the eyes of the public for the Broker of a Real Estate company to be involved in philanthropic pursuits.  Plus it seemed like a good group of people to get to know.  I did not ,however, take into consideration the effort I would have to put forth.

This past Friday through Sunday was our Annual Azalea Sale and my first chance to show my fellow Kiwanis members my willingness to do my part.  I think I pulled my weight, but man am I paying for it!  I am sore all over, I no longer can use my back, and my fingers even hurt from picking up so many flowerpots!  I was moving plants until 7pm Sunday night.

Through all this I realized two things:

1. My body cannot always do what my brain asks it to anymore.

2. The personal satisfaction I feel for being able to contribute WAY outweighs any physical pain I am enduring or professional gain I may receive.

I just watched a group of hardworking people take time out of their personal lives for a greater cause, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  A few of my fellow Kiwanis members (the Eden family) even put up more than their time, by using their company's contacts to get great prices and great products for our group to sell. They even absorbed the extra inventory that was not sold into their own business. Without their time and efforts there is no way this event gets pulled off.

So what started out for me as a simple way for me to look like I care turned into something I believe in.  Heck, I even look forward to being in pain next year!

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Nov 17, 2017 07:30 PM