Planning to Buy This Year?

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Buying a House This Year?

If you’re planning on buying and selling in a buyers’ market, an important point to remember is this:

You will sell for less, but also buy for less, so the truly significant number is the difference between the two. Another thought to keep in mind is that it may be wise to sell first - before going house shopping. Any offer accepted on your home can be made subject to a sellers’ condition of finding a home to buy within a specified time frame. Ask me for more details at (403) 866-9000 or e-mail me at

Why Buy Now?

Why is a buyers’ market good for buyers?

• Since more homes are for sale, buyers have more to choose from and more negotiating power.

• Home prices have come down significantly.

• Interest rates are low.

Prepare Now to Buy

"About two years ago, you could have had a score of about 620 or so to get a lender's best rate on something. Now, lenders are really looking at a rate of 760 at the least” said Kelli Grant with

Credit Score Chart

How can we improve our credit score?

• By eliminating bad habits like not paying bills on time and maxing out credit cards.

• By keeping in mind that closing accounts can hurt our score, especially if we cancel the oldest one on record.

• By reviewing our credit reports from Equifax Canada, NCB Inc. and TransUnion Canada to catch errors, such as accounts that aren’t ours, duplicate entry items and inaccuracies. Request forms available on my site (bottom of News & Reports page).

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