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As I was sitting here pondering what to write about on Motivational Monday, I thought about what motivates me to be the best. I then started to think about why anyone would not want to be the best at what they do?

Thinking back, I remember when I was younger and the weekend was the only thing I looked forward to. I was the typical Gen-X youth. To some degree thinking I was dealt a bad hand, that somehow the world owed me more. I then stumbled on to the book, "Think and Grow Rich" by Dr Napoleon Hill. Reading his book was an eye-opening experience for me. It taught me too many lessons to list here. I recommend it to everyone I meet. It is an older book that you can buy used from amazon for about two dollars plus shipping.

How it  helped me find the motivation to take charge of my own life, and do all I could do to be a useful person on this earth was amazing. After reading "Think and Grow Rich", I continued to read all of Dr Hill's books. Those books led me to other books and my appetite for reading and increasing my specialized knowledge grew and grew!

I thought it would be interesting to find out what books have opened other Active Rainer's eyes. If there is a special book on self-improvement that changed your life I would love for you to comment about it.

Here's to a profitable week!

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Naoma Doriguzzi
Virginia Beach - Virginia Beach, VA
New Media Director

I am in a Mastermind group and we meet every Thursday at 10am.  You should join us! We started with that book.  So, now I figured out where you get all of those good vibes from! 

Mar 09, 2009 02:10 PM
TeamCHI - Complete Home Inspections, Inc.
Complete Home Inspections, Inc. - Brentwood, TN
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David, like Naoma, I am in a Mastermind group. We have a conference call at least twice a month and meet every 3 months. Helps in the accountability areana...

Your building consultant for life in Nashville, TN ~ Michael

Mar 09, 2009 08:40 PM
Ian Niquette
Square One Home Inspection - Markesan, WI

David, I am a book hound. I read all kinds of stuff. The motivational ones that get me going are any that stress accountability.

Mar 10, 2009 12:04 PM
Tammy Lankford,
Lane Realty Eatonton, GA Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, 706-485-9668 - Eatonton, GA
Broker GA Lake Sinclair/Eatonton/Milledgeville

This is going to sound maybe a bit strange because this book wasn't written to be motivational, yet it's had the greatest impact on my life of any book other than the Holy Bible.  It's "I Love You, Ronnie : The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan"  I highly recommend it.  It's made me a better person and my marriage has certainly benefited from it enormously.

Mar 11, 2009 05:13 PM