12 Powerful and Insightful Questions to Ask BEFORE hiring Any Real Estate Agent...

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If you're in the market to sell, or purchase a home, there is something you should know.

Not All Real Estate Agents Are The Same!

Your decision to place your home for sale involves more than simply running an ad, holding a few open houses, and waiting for the sales proceeds check.  And your decision to buy a home clearly involves more than looking at 2 or 3 homes, making an offer, and moving in.  

Hiring the wrong Realtor can mean the difference between making or losing money, selling or buying quickly or taking a long time, a trouble-free transaction or a living nightmare.

Unless you have experience interviewing people, and Realtors in particular, you won't always know what questions to ask.  Further, you won't always know what answer will best suit your needs for buying or selling.  So CLICK HERE for a list of 12 important and insightful questions you should ask ANY Realtor BEFORE you sign anything.

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And of course it's always easier to answer the questions if you wrote them.

I have a suggested list of questions for buyers and sellers to ask other Realtors they may be talking with.

Mar 10, 2009 12:36 AM
Chris Terry

I feel that one of the most effective ways to handle objections is before you get there, so presenting this information in advance shortens any presentation and hleps to put the parties more at ease.

Mar 10, 2009 12:54 AM