Why NOW is the time to buy!

Real Estate Sales Representative with The Claus Team

All that we hear every day is how bad the economy and the housing market is.  This is true but there are some positives out there that we must look at.  The housing market is by far a buyer's market right now.  What does that mean for the public.  NOW is a great time to buy a home.  There are lots of homes out there to choose from.  The biggest plus is that interest rates are LOW.  If you can qualify for a loan why wouldn't you want to buy?  Here is my thought.  If you look back on history...interest rates have been low before but what happens after the economy recovers?    The interest rates will go back up.  It is a fact, interest rates WILL go back up.  If your a first time homebuyer, you even have the $8000 tax credit on your side.  If you are even considering making a purchase this year, give The Claus Team a call and let us help you make the right choice.

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