25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Real Estate Agent with Prudential Georgia Realty

1.  I've always been a pleaser, but the older I get the more I understand that everyone cannot be pleased at the same time, therefore I'm wasting my time a lot.

2.  I will buy anything that a child is selling on a street corner.  Who can pass up a child selling lemonade or cookies?

3.  Everyone does not understand the quote "Treat people the way you want to be treated".  Why do I always expect this out of people?

4.  I'm from Albany, Georgia -- Yes, a native Georgian.  I love to travel, but never move anywhere north of Atlanta.

5.  I'm an avid reader.  I'll read anything that's not too deep or depressing.  I'm addicted to my kindle now.  With the electronic book, I've convinced myself that I am doing a favor for the environment!?

6.  I pretty much drink only water and wine.  No sodas -- Oops maybe a little coffee too..

7.  I'm more of an introvert -- dreamer and a thinker.  I've always had these traits.  I seem to be drawn to people louder and more vocal than me.  I enjoy their company immensely.  Most of my friends would be considered the "life of the party".

8.  I LOVE goat cheese.  I'll order anything on a menu if goat cheese is an ingredient.

9.  My favorite thing about being a real estate agent.  Representing Buyer: the challenge of finding the perfect home!  Representing Sellers: partnering with them to find creative ways to market and sell their home, a close 2nd is negotiating a sell -- I LOVE that too!

10.  I believe we were put here to lead our lives with a purpose.  When we find that purpose, we are to use our God given talents with passion to better the world.  I believe I have found mine.

11.  One of my favorite places on earth is Disney World.  It reminds me of my mother -- singing "It's a small world after all".

12. The older I get the more I defend my values and morales.  I will take a stand now more than in my past. 

13. I wish I knew at 16 what I know now, but I realize that who I am now is due to my experiences in my past.

14. I love to dance and karaoke, but am a horrible dancer and can't hold a tune.

15. I'd like to think I would do well on the reality show "Survivor", but my husband and I agree, that I would quit at the first sighting of a snake or if I got really hungry, or too many bug bites...

16. I am who I am, I can't change it, and I'm finally comfortable in the fact that everyone doesn't like me.

17. I believe we are manipulated by the media everyday and it bugs me.

18. My favorite singers are Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, Sadie, and The Eagles.  My favorite movie is Jaws.  One of my favorite TV shows is Top Chef. 

19. I'm not a good organizer of my time.  I will often stop one task and start another.  Example:  Gathering research for a property, then check email and trouble shoot a problem, then realize I need to finish the research etc....  Any one else have this problem?

20. I believe in the power of WOMEN.  There is NOTHING a group of passionate women can't do.  Just look at The Sport of Giving!  Women are the BEST multi taskers!

21. I love to play spades, but nobody knows how!  Where did all the spade players go?

22. In another life, I was definately a "hippie".  I love most everything about the 70's.  The hair, peace & love signs, music ... Everything!

23. Being a parent is the hardest job I've ever had and I feel like a failure often.  I keep reminding myself that my desire is to raise God fearing, productive, and philanthropic young adults... No matter how much they hate me know and say I am the strictest parent alive (Except my husband who is stricter than me).

24. I'm not a perfectionist, but I am a little obsessive and think I may have adult onset add.  If I get something on my mind, I won't let it go until it's done, but on the other side my mind continually changes topics.  This takes me back to my time management problem but I am a good delegator.

25. I'm lazy at heart.  I can watch movies or read for hours!  I've been known to watch a weekend of "America's Next Top Model" with my daughter!  I love movies and get wrapped up in the story-- thus get emotional and my family has to laugh and throw in the "It's only a movie" ribbing.


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