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Property Values Will Increase, Just Wait and See..

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Yes, that's right, we are in a cycle. An ever changing cycle. Markets will be down and poverty may be high. This is what can happen in a cycle. It will change. It's Getting Better All The Time!!

Better and Better. We are feeling a big pinch, no doubt. I know that history will tell us that this is also a great time of opportunity. We own our own property. If you still own a home, hang on to it. Do not allow this cycle to consume you. We are a free country. What makes us free? Property...That's right. Private Property. It is more valuable than anything. If I need to grow some fruit or vegetables on my property and feed myself, I can.

Buy property!!! Sell property!! If you can't sell it, look at it closer and find the value and sell it!! We all need to have gratitude and flow with the cycle. It is really hard for me right now, no doubt, but I know that this is a good time, because it is getting better all the time!!

Alan Grizzle
Chestatee Real Estate - Dahlonega, GA
Full Time Realtor, Lifelong Resident of Dahlonega

Thank you for looking on the bright side.

I know times are hard now, however if you compare our standard of living with other countries you will see that we have it pretty good.

The market will come back strong before we know in. Know is a great time to invest for the future. Even if it just getting some C E or updating websites.

Mar 11, 2009 12:17 AM
Loan Survivor Real Estate Financing Expert
Purchases, First Time Buyers, Pre-Approvals, Refinance - Birmingham, MI

Good to see you back in the saddle!

Mar 11, 2009 02:58 PM
Dave Sullivan
Real Estate One - Birmingham, MI
Michigan Realtor with an investor viewpoint

Are they increasing yet...  I saw one report that said 2015 before the improvement starts? 

Jan 16, 2012 10:05 AM