Great Plugin For WordPress 2.7

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WordPress keeps improving, and certainly WordPress  2.7 was a good step forward in terms of functionality. Yet in a way, it seemed like a bit of a step backwards. How so?

The new admin menu. It left me scrolling up and down the page, looking for what I wanted.  You probably noticed that too. In the big picture, it's really only a very small nuisance. Nevertheless ... 

Just this morning, I  stumbled across a great solution to that picky little problem - another brilliant programmer has donated a new admin plugin to the WordPress world. It's called "Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu", and while it pre-dates WordPress 2.7, this version was specifically aimed at converting the vertical menu to a horizontal one, with dropdowns that save lots of page loads. You should try it.


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Bio: Duncan Boan is a residential real estate professional in Victoria, BC, who works with buyers and sellers alike. His experience, training and natural disposition equip him to listen well, think logically, and put the interests of his clients first. Although some regard Duncan as an 'old timer', there is nothing 'old' about his attitude to Internet technology or connecting with people online.
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