The Ghosts of listings past

Real Estate Agent

Dear fellow Bloggers:

Every time I think I won the battle of learning life-lessons the hard way, I am reminded that maybe that is not true.  

Each Wednesday, our office previews property listings that are coming to market for the following weekend. 

An agent, that shall go nameless, sees a property on the preview property tour (actually, not one but two properties!)  that could have been hers to list had she only done the necessary marketing and client follow through to stay in touch. 

Like I said... just when I think I am over learning things the hard way, I am faced with my short-comings and the predictable results.

Moral of the story.... MARKETING & staying in constant contact with everyone you have ever done a CMA for no matter when or you did it, will sustain your business.

Life-lesson learned (I hope!)


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