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If you're like me, it's sometimes hard to commit hours and hours of writing "why" you should live in my area when choosing a home.  Sure, I could frame in a local page of great information but what makes the internet great is the ability for a user to have endless searches, endless possibilities and endless educational pieces that they can (and will) find. With my XSite I have the ability to actually frame an outside page directly into my site which will give me the flexibility to have it launch in another window or frame it with the header of my XSite theme.  But if I were to simply frame the page that talks about the only thing that I want them to see, am I really doing them justice to only have one solution? To me the answer is no. If we take at face value that 80% of buyers and sellers start their search on the internet, we have to be mindful of the key word in that statistic, "search". What that means is that they don't stop at the first result and never go further. They dig, the probe, they ask questions and most of the time, the do it through Google.

One of the things that I watch on a regular basis is where people are going on my XSite.  This helps me keep my XSite fresh with relevant content but also shows me what's working and what's not.  And because I provide a location for information about my city, Edmond Oklahoma, I see a lot of traffic directly to this page to get more information.  Instead of just typing static information that I know or have gotten from other sources, why not make it dynamic for them to search while they're there?

 My Broker XSite Page Statistics

So how do I keep my options open but still show a higher service level? I simply ask them to "Let Me Google That For You". LMGTFY ( has become the easy way to guide visitors to your pre-determined search results and helps corral them to an open library of information. All you have to do is visit the site, type in your preferred keywords and LMGTFY will generate a unique URL that you can then copy and paste as a hyperlink in your XSite.

Let me give you an example. The "About Edmond" page that I talked about earlier gives me the ability to have a brief overview with quick highlights but instead of me having to go back and update that page constantly to talk about what's happening around the city, I created a LMGTFY link that is continually updated and broadens my visitors search options. If I were to type in even, "Edmond", the results are scattered all over the place which often will include multiple real estate agents, large real estate sites like, and others looking to offer their services. But if I add a link to my site provided by Let Me Google That For You, I can actually type in the preferred keywords that help give them information about the area but also display results that have many of my entries about the area that rank higher from many of my blogs.

How I edited my page: Editing my XSite page to update information

How I set up my page is this, I will created a button on my website called "About Edmond" and then write an opening paragraph that talks about some of the highlights of living in my great city. From there I will leave an area open for different topics such as, "Edmond Events" Now, I can either make the term, "Edmond Events" the hyperlink to the Google search or I can add a separate line with a link that says, "Let Me Google That For You" which will lead them to all kinds of information from our community bulletin board, Edmond Convention and Visitors Bureau and our Chamber of Commerce. This gives them access to not just one source of information but a whole site of entries that they can view and explore.

On more than one occasion I have had visitors actually fill out a lead generation form (conveniently provided on this page) asking me where I came up with this idea. Some have said how they actually like being able to explore more than just one page of information and it actually kept them coming back to my site because it wasn't limited.

If you approach your XSite as a source of information opposed to just a slim marginal view of your idea of what you think visitors should read then adding "Let Me Google That For You" keywords and links will help expand your expertise as not just another real estate website but a gateway to the beginning of your visitors home search.

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