Older Homes vs New Construction - Needham, MA

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It seems that there is still a demand for new construction here in Needham.  Thats good news for everyone.  Or is it.

Since there is no land left to purchase, the builders are buying the less expensive homes in town and tearing them down to build new larger homes.

What about the first time home buyer or the young couple looking to get into Needham? The interesting thing about the first time home buyer or the young couple, is that most are already stretching there finances and the rest don't want to take an older home and fix it up. They want it all up to date and they expect it.

A far cry from when I bought my home here in town, that I still live in today. It was a stretch when we bought it.  We painted the cabinets, put new formica counters on. Waited 10 years till we could afford the new kitchen, the granite counters, the AC

There is something to be said about being patient, buying what you can afford, sweat equity and working hard, to be in a good community to raise your family.


How is it in your community?


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Richard Dolbeare
Retired - Wailuku, HI
Living the Hawaii Lifestyle

Our problems with building on Kauai are a little different from yours.  We still have buildable land except for the fact that the government has heavy restrictions on development of privately-owned land.

Mar 11, 2009 12:39 PM