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Stone Mountain, GA -- Mark Brown, owner of Bass Appliance in Stone Mountain Georgia, believes that each of his customers is special.  He'll take late calls, even at no charge if it's the right thing to do.  For Mark, his good name supersedes money.  His main focus is dependability.  "I do what I say when I said I would do it."


Mark's career in appliance repair began circuitously.  Majoring in communications in college, Mark then worked for CNN.  As his interest in the communications field waned, Mark ultimately attended trade school.  Within short order, in 1985 Mark took 1st in the State / 2nd in the Nation at the VICA (Vocation Industrial Clubs of America) competition.


Servicing customers throughout metro Atlanta for 23 years, Mark established Bass Appliances in 1995.  Mark and his team repair all makes and models of kitchen and laundry equipment.  Frequently, when Mark is called on to repair a poorly functioning clothes dryer, he finds that the dryer is fine, but the exhaust vent is clogged or hazardously constructed. In those cases, he knows that the customer needs a dryer vent specialist.  Mark refers his dryer exhausting jobs to the local Dryer Vent Wizard, a company committed to making homes safer and more efficient by maintaining and repairing dryer vent systems.  "I have referred over 50 customers to Dryer Vent Wizard," states Brown, "never once have I received a complaint on a Dryer Vent Wizard referral, in fact, many customers have called to thank me for referring Dryer Vent Wizard to them."


National statistics show that in difficult economies consumers choose repair over replacement. Companies like Bass Appliances traditionally see a significant increase in call volume due to their exceptional reputation in their local markets. Dryer Vent Wizard, a national chain of independently owned businesses, benefits from the same economic drivers by partnering with the best local appliance service companies across the country. "When money gets tight, homeowners look for reliable companies and ways to be smart with the money they spend," says Dayn Benson, VP of Dryer Vent Wizard. "Proactive appliance maintenance can save consumers hundreds of dollars over the life of their appliances and a clean, correctly vented clothes dryer can save several hundred dollars per year in utility bills. Our (Dryer Vent Wizard's) business increased 53% last year."


When Mark Brown is asked if he would share any milestones he experienced throughout his career, Mark's answer - "My family is my greatest accomplishment."  The honor and humility he has towards his family, clearly extends to each and every customer.


To contact Bass Appliance, please call (770)469-9477 and to contact Dryer Vent Wizard, call (866)498-7233 or visit their website


  Mark Brown

Bass Appliances / Stone Mountain, GA

770 469 9477

649 South Main Street

Stone Mountain, GA  30083

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