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Personal Appliance Repair Service is the Key at CAV Appliance Center


Your home is a-buzz, everyone's readying for the long awaited family vacation.  You're on your umpteenth load of laundry and the dryer just won't dry the kids' jeans.  With numerous loads left to do before packing the suitcases - you head to the Yellow Pages and look up an appliance repair company.  CAV Appliance Center stood out.  One call to Charlie Valvo and he was out to the home by late morning and had the dryer fixed in short order.


In the appliance repair business for 34 years, servicing Long Island and North Shore Suffolk County; Charlie Valvo serves his customers with one mantra - Service.  Personal Service - from beginning to end.  He takes the initial call from the customer, follows up with an appointment, goes out to their home and repairs the appliance to first rate working order. Charlie takes his work so personally, his company is his name: Charles Anthony Valvo.


At times when Charlie Valvo is out servicing a customer's dryer, he comes across venting issues that require more specialized service than he can provide. He needs a company the focuses on Dryer vent cleaning and repair.  When faced with this situation, Charlie recommends "I used to direct my customers to the yellow pages, but since meeting the Dryer Vent Wizard owners here  on Long Island, I send them all my exhausting work," Valvo states. "I frequently hear back from my customers thanking me for the referral."  His experience with Dryer Vent Wizard is consistently, completely positive.  To date, he has never received a customer complaint regarding Dryer Vent Wizard's exceptional service.


National statistics show that in difficult economies consumers choose repair over replacement. Companies like CAV Appliance Center traditionally see a significant increase in call volume due to their exceptional reputation in their local markets. Dryer Vent Wizard, a national chain of independently owned businesses, benefits from the same economic drivers by partnering with the best local appliance service companies across the country. "When money gets tight, homeowners look for reliable companies and ways to be smart with the money they spend," says Dayn Benson, VP of Dryer Vent Wizard. "Proactive appliance maintenance can save consumers hundreds of dollars over the life of their appliances and a clean, correctly vented clothes dryer can save several hundred dollars per year in utility bills. Our (Dryer Vent Wizard's) business increased 53% last year."



When Charlie speaks of Personal Service, it is just that.  He works one on one with each customer.  By doing so, there is no such thing as ‘I didn't say'.  He's had calls come in at 4:30 pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve when a customer's oven stops.  Without exception, he goes out to the customer's home in time for them to get dinner cooked and on the table.  No, he does not charge extra for this ‘holiday' service. 


As an Executive Board Member of AHASC (Association of Home Appliance Service Companies), Charlie says, ‘That though we are often competitors, we are also friends.  We help each other.  I am pleased that Dryer Vent Wizard is an AHASC member.  Even though we're on Long Island, we're not an island.'


To contact CAV Appliance Center, please call 631-821-3305 or visit www.cavappliancerepair.com and to contact Dryer Vent Wizard, call (866)498-7233 or visit their website www.dryerventwizard.com.



Charlie Valvo

CAV Appliance Center / Long Island NY




213 Great Rock Drive

Wading River, NY  11792


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