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There is a new national association forming with 347 local chapters across the country that has some pretty great ideas about what this industry needs right now. Number one is the fact that membership is open to ALL real estate related professions on a equal basis. Number two is a national listing site for all

local chapters. Number three is they have created a community needs fund for all local chapters to give back to their local communities. Number four is the fact that they are building these local associations on the grass roots idea that in order to succeed today your most important resource is the network of all professions within your local real estate market and the relationships that can be formed through this association. They believe in order to thrive in today's market you need to get back in touch with not what you know but who you know, sort of a reverse technologies approach throw down your blackberry and extend your hand to the local carpet cleaning guy who now can be a member, be able to look him in the face and have an interaction with him over coffee learn tips and advice and when you need the carpet cleaned in a house its no longer XYZ company coming out to do the cleaning for ABC company, it Bob and his son Jerry coming out to clean the carpet for Sue !!! Who is going to go the extra mile? XYZ for ABC or Bob and Jerry for Sue?