Credit Consequences of Foreclosure.

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It is hard to say exactly how many points your credit score will drop due to a foreclosure. There are numerous factors that affect your credit score. It does appear though, that loss mitigation options that do not result in the completion of the foreclosure are better for your credit score depending on which credit buerau you are looking at.  However, Fair Issac Corp. (FICO) has been quoted as saying that loss mitigation options have the exact same negative effect on a person's credit score.  This is so because Fair Issac Corp. has done very little analysis distinguishing loss mitigation options vs. foreclosures, and as a result of ignorance they treat loss mitigation options and foreclosure all the same.  However, Transunion, Equifax and Experian have a little more detailed credit scoring system, so they may account for loss mitigation options.  However, a benefit of short sales and other loss mitigation options is that borrowers will generally face a shorter waiting period before they can obtain another mortgage.  Many lenders primarily make loans that they can sell to big mortgage players Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Fannie Mae generally will not buy loans made to borrowers involved in a short sale in the past two years. That's shorter than the four-year wait time if you have a deed in lieu of foreclosure on your record, and the five-year wait time if you have a foreclosure on record.  Typically, any late mortgage payments are viewed as a negative mark. Generally, negative marks will remain on a credit report for 7 years. Foreclosures also remain on credit scores for 7 years. The impact on credit scores diminishes over time though. Loss mitigation efforts and foreclosure are definitely better than a bankruptcy, as the filing of a bankruptcy is viewed by the credit reporting industry as an attack against all trade lines across the board, whereas a mortgage foreclosure is only an attack against a single trade line, your mortgage lender.

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Here's some info regarding how Fair Isaac treats short sales vs. foreclosures:

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