Introducing Real Estate's IPhone!

Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Beal, Inc.

Apple iPhone

I suppose that might be a bit drastic but stay with me!

I’m not talking about a new piece of hardware for Real Estate, while that would also be cool,  I’m talking about another revolution in the Real Estate industry that is going to shake things up for many.

What did the iPhone do?  Well, many would say, it changed the way we look at and use cell phones…  Indeed it did!  However, it really didn’t introduce anything new.  We already had the ability  to browse the internet, listen to music, map a trip, etc.. all from hand held devices….  Heck, we even already had hand held devices that would do those things all in one!

So what did the iPhone do???  It perfected these things! It established a new standard, and it did it in style with great marketing!

Now, what does the iPhone have to do with real estate??? Well, Often times I sit back and look around my busy real estate office and think about how different things are from when I started in this business just over 7 years ago.  I look at and think about all the new technologies people are using and the way people work.  It’s different and its changing.

Just as the worlds past recessions have bred stronger, more efficient businesses, our current economic situation will breed stronger more efficient real estate companies and agents.  From the rubble…Super Agents will emerge.

Just like the iPhone changed the way we look at cell phones, the iPhone will also change how we do real estate.

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