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As a marketer, I'm always looking for new ways to do things that add value to the marketplace. I'm currently working on a project here in NY (I'm on Long Island) with real estate sevice providers.  After reading this post, I hope you comment with your feedback, as the opinion of the pros here on AR is valued.

The project involves providing a service for Realtors and their clients to facilitate the sale of real estate and includes the sale of estate and personal property.

First, I need to tell you some basics about my company:

We operate 3 websites: estate-on-line.com, reallysimplerealestate.com, and mortgagemagicsystem.com .

estates-on-line.com is the #1 site on Google for selling estate property. It shares informtion with eBay, Craigslist, Google, and the USPS through xml integration.

reallysimplerealestate.com is a real estate site that cross references all property listings with the Realtor who listed them. It provides cross-referenced data with Google Maps on behalf of those Realtors.  But it was also designed to aggregate groups of properties into market baskets to provide economies of scale in marketing up to 12 properties simultaneously. Keep this in mind as you read on.

mortgagemagicsystem.com provides a mortgage acceleration system to homeowners and homebuyers. Using the so-called Australian mathematical model, it can cut 20 years off a mortgage with little or no impact on the homeowner's lifestyle. FYI, it sells (and sells well) for $475 - and I tell you this only because perhaps you've heard of a company selling such a service for $3500. It is an extremely effective marketing tool for Realtors because it helps them build relationships  with homebuyers, as most people have never heard of this technique.

OK - so, 3 websites with 3 different functions. 

The plan is to offer home sellers  (through their listing sales agent) a service to sell (or move to contract) their property in 60 days. 60 days. Here's the plan:

The property will be aggregated with 11 other properties in the area in a Sale Event, to be called, for example 'Pleasantville Sale Event'.  Each property/Realtor  will be provided with:

virtual tour
consultation with staging professional
title/abstract search providing evidence of clear title
sales contract provided by local RE attorney, ready for buyer to edit/accept
TV ads from the best area channels for the properties/Realtors in the Sale Event. Up to 200 TV ads weekly at prime time for 8 weeks
mortgage commitment (not pre-approval) from lender bank in the area (I am not a mortgage broker).
After 60 days, a Sale Event to be held by a licensed auctioneer, to add finality to the Sale Event and hopefully motivate interested buyers who may be on the fence.

As a convenience to sellers, we will auction/sell their personal/estate property as a valuable add-on service( a reasonable commission will be charged).

Realtors can generate buyer interest by providing information about the mortgage accelerator to their buyers- showing how they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the cost of the property. An affiliate program will pay Realtors a referral fee for each referral, so if 10 potential buyers are attracted by the TV ads, each Realtor can earn $1,750, exclusive of the sale of the property. 

Realtors will perform their traditional role of interfacing with buyers. The service is mostly invisible to the public, and only the Realtors and represented properties will be advertised and seen. 

We want to do this at NO cost to the Realtor: no cost for making the TV ads - which can feature the agent as well as  the property, no cost for airtime (we're talking about 1600 prime tie spots in the 60 day period, folks). No cost for the virtual tour, and no cost for the other services. I want to stress that in having all these services provided up front at no cost, the providers will be paid upon sale of the 12 properties ( or as many as sell) so everyone gets paid same as the Realtor  - on the successful sale.

The cost is projected to be equal to 2% of the gross sales of the properties in the Sale Event. This is based on working out the details with local providers, so no promises, but here on LI, everything is falling into place and they are in agreement of working in this manner.

Please give me your valued thoughts. Thanks in advance.

Marv Eisen
Estates On Line, LLC

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Terry Miller
Miller Homes Group - Tyler, TX
Miller Homes Group and Tyler Apartment Locator

Great idea. Is it doable in Texas. Thanks for the great information.

Mar 12, 2009 09:19 AM